Hello and welcome to Sass and Clacks!

I’m Emma, a curvy pole dancer and freelance writer from Nottingham, the UK.

I started pole dance in November 2017 as a way to get me out of a workout rut, and I’ve never looked back!

At first, I was super nervous that I wouldn’t be accepted as part of this world.

However, this is definitely not the case! Pole dancers come from every walk of life, and pole and the aerial arts have brought together an entire group of people who may never have met outside of our community. Whatever style we practice, however often we practice and wherever we practice, our community has brought together a remarkable group of people that all inspire each other to be the best dancers we can possibly be.

I believe that life is far too short for boring workouts, and in particular forms of exercise you force yourself to do because you think they’ll be the most efficient way of you reaching your goals. 

I’ll let you into a little secret: the most effective form of exercise is the one you can stick to, and the one you enjoy!

I also believe that pole dance is for every body! Whatever your age, identity, ability, size, shape or style, pole dance is an art form that anyone can put their own stamp on, build their own style, and modify in ways that help both your ability, and the cool shapes you can make with your body.

The Sass and Clacks Mission:

  • Motivate, educate and inspire pole dancers from every walk of life to grow and improve;
  • Be a body positive, welcoming space to support every pole dancer;
  • Be an educating space discussing mental health and disability, and how they affect not only our day-to-day life but also our pole practice;
  • Help every pole dancer find the resources they need to begin, learn and become the best version of themselves they can possibly be.  

Meet the Team!

Emma Ayres (left) is a Freelance Writer and Blogger from Nottinghamshire, UK. Her previous writing experience includes over three years of experience working for Games Workshop, producing rules and background narrative for the Horus Heresy range, as well as producing copy for flyers and event programmes. She’s been running Sass and Clacks since September 2018 and is the chief writer, editor, social media runner, marketer, SEO expert, graphic designer and general head honcho of this little slice of the internet. Follow her on Twitter and Medium!

Nick Browne (right) is a Senior Software Engineer currently working in Nottinghamshire, UK. He got started working in this industry running his own Web Development business 8 years ago, and has since gone strength to strength. Today he specialises in building website applications using C#/Angular, and has a passion for teaching Scrum/Agile project development techniques within any team he’s in. At Sass and Clacks he’s the resident tech expert, helping with domains, hosting and custom code to keep things running smoothly. Head over to his LinkedIn profile to find out more!

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