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Emma is standing in front of the pole with her left arm high, and her right arm behind her back. Her body is facing away from the camera, and she is looking in the opposite direction. Her left knee is bent so her left shin is behind her right leg. She is wearing a deep blue lingerie set, black knee-length socks, and 8" black platform heels.

I’m Emma (she/her), a fat pole dancer and freelance writer from Nottingham, UK.

[TW: weight loss, body image]

I started pole dance in November 2017 as a way to get me out of a workout rut, and I’ve never looked back.

When I started investigating whether pole dance was for me, I scoured the internet for resources, but I couldn’t find anything that really represented me and my body. I was terrified my body wouldn’t be accepted. I struggled to find exercise gear that catered for my size, how some pole studios justified their weight limits, and whether I’d be able to modify things to work with my body.

Pole has been a monumental force for change in my life. I started nearly three years ago praying that it would be the workout that finally helped me lose weight. But, through pole, I found the body positivity movement – and from that, I became part of anti-diet and fat acceptance and liberation spaces.

I finally started accepting my body for what it is, no matter how it changes. Of course, it’s a long, hard journey, and one with many bumps in the road.

Through pole, I found my passion for not only being a positive force for change in the pole industry, but the wider fitness world. So, Sass and Clacks was born.

I believe pole is a fantastic sport and art form that all kinds of bodies can – and do – excel at. Making beautiful shapes with your body isn’t something that should ever be limited because you’re not white, straight-sized, abled, cis, or straight. It’s my goal to help the pole industry become a more diverse space, where folx from all walks of life can celebrate what their bodies can do in safe, supportive spaces.

Fitness, exercise, and movement should be accessible for everybody and every body. That’s a fundamental fact. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pole dancer, aerialist, weightlifter, Clubbercise fanatic, CrossFitter, hula hooper, yogi, walker, hiker, mountain biker – whatever you do, you’re welcome here.

While my main passion lies in pole dancing, I also love weight lifting, and I’m hoping to get into CrossFit. While I can’t promise I’ll write about your specific form of exercise or movement – because I know dick all about kayaking, I’ll be honest – I hope you find what I write useful.

The Sass and Clacks Mission:

My goal is to be a positive force for change in the fitness industry, which I hope to accomplish by:

  • Identifying and discussing systemic barriers to accessing, affording, enjoying, or otherwise participating in fitness activities,
  • Citing sources from fitness professionals, scientific studies, and other powerful voices,
  • Building an online space where folx with marginalised bodies feel welcome, accepted, and heard,
  • Using inclusive language conscious of gender identity, ability, pronoun use, and the various forms of language folx use to describe themselves,
  • Constantly listening, learning, and using my platform for good.

Meet the Team!

Emma Ayres (left) is a Freelance Writer and Blogger from Nottinghamshire, UK. Her previous writing experience includes over three years of experience working for Games Workshop, producing rules and background narrative for the Horus Heresy range, as well as producing copy for flyers and event programmes. She’s been running Sass and Clacks since September 2018 and is the chief writer, editor, social media runner, marketer, SEO expert, graphic designer and general head honcho of this little slice of the internet. Follow her on Twitter and Medium!

Nick Browne (right) is a Senior Software Engineer currently working in Nottinghamshire, UK. He got started working in this industry running his own Web Development business 8 years ago, and has since gone strength to strength. Today he specialises in building website applications using C#/Angular, and has a passion for teaching Scrum/Agile project development techniques within any team he’s in. At Sass and Clacks he’s the resident tech expert, helping with domains, hosting and custom code to keep things running smoothly. Head over to his LinkedIn profile to find out more!

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