Monetary Disclosure


So, running websites isn’t free and I need money to keep the lights on here at Sass and Clacks. In the spirit of honesty, I want to make you all aware that this website does, in some cases, receive money or payments in kind in return for reviews, sponsored post, or other such content.

Sometimes, I may be lucky enough to receive a gifted product, or be invited to events as a blogger. If I write about these, they will be fully disclosed at the start of the post, including the extent of what I was gifted. Again, this applies to my social media channels too. I may, from time to time, feature negative reviews if I’ve had a bad experience with a brand or product. If I don’t get on with something I’ve received from someone, you’ll know.

Any brand relationships will be disclosed in blog headings, in the post, and in any social media posts. If I’ve received something from a brand, whether it’s in return for a post or not, you’ll know as soon as you see the post.

I will only recommend products and work with brands that work for you. I won’t accept money in return for positive reviews.

A Guide To Blog Heading/Social Media Disclosures


I’ve received a product, or was invited to an event, with no obligation of covering said product or event.


I’ve received a product, or was invited to an event, in return for providing a review.


I’ve worked in collaboration with a brand to feature their product in a blog post, but I maintain full creative control over the post.

I don’t accept pre-written content.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links will be disclosed at the start of every post they’re in, and will be followed with *, so you know that they’re there!

Affiliate links are a funky way of helping me make money towards my hosting, domain renewals, and bills at no extra cost to you. For each purchase you make through the marked links on my websites, I earn a bit of commission which helps me keep the lights on.

I will only use affiliate links where they are appropriate and topical, and will only link to products that I have tried, tested, and know are great quality. I’m not in the business of lying to make a quick buck, and I’m not about to claim something works where it doesn’t.


Emma Ayres is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Grrrl Clothing

Emma Ayres is an ambassador for Grrrl Clothing, and as such may earn commission from qualifying purchases made through her affiliate links to

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