Guest Posting

Do you love fitness and want to share that love with your community?

Do you love your fitness community and want to help it grow, evolve and become the best version of itself that it can be?

Can you offer a diverse, inclusive voice to help educate the community on important social topics?

Sass and Clacks are looking for people like you to guest post on our platform!

Sass and Clacks was founded on the belief that everybody and every body is welcome in the pole and wider fitness community, and this is something I’ve tried to carry forward with everything that I write. We are a community-first, diversity-focused, inclusive body-positive blog and these are the principles Sass and Clacks always has, and always will, follow.

However, I am only one person, with only one person’s perspective.

I can only speak about what I’ve experienced, and I accept I still benefit from privileges that many folx do not. I haven’t lived the experiences that many of you have lived, and haven’t experienced levels of bullshit oppression and discrimination other communities face.

That’s why I need you.

Our Guiding Principles

As the only writer here at Sass and Clacks, the following principles guide what I do, what I write, and how I run this blog. I’ve attached them here so you can understand what I’m looking for from any submissions.

  • I don’t shy away from being honest and open about my experiences, as they may help someone find their way through their own problems;
  • I write as part of the community, for the community – I can give advice but do not prescribe what is best for people, and never will;
  • I have a platform that presents an image of pole dance to the wider fitness community, and will always use it positively;
  • I don’t shy away from discussing social issues that I have the right to comment on, and I understand certain topics are better left to voices who have more knowledge of them than I;
  • I will apologise where I get things wrong and learn from my mistakes, because every mistake is an opportunity for growth.

Want to Write for Us?

Sass and Clacks cannot pay for guest posts, and any work done for Sass and Clacks is done on a voluntary basis. You must check the box indicating your agreement to this when you complete the Pitch Submission Form.

We can, however, offer a platform that regularly receives 2000+ monthly visitors to promote your social media channels, blog, business or product page, and a way to get your name out there.

You may also include images of you wearing products from brands you’re affiliated with and include your affiliate link as long as it fits our guidelines, which will be emailed to you if your pitch is successful.

I understand exposure doesn’t pay the bills, so if you’re not comfortable working on this basis, guest posting for Sass and Clacks may not be for you.

As Sass and Clacks cannot offer payment, I will never assign deadlines to guest posters – it’s just not fair.

If you’re happy with this so far, check out the Pitch Submission Guidelines (where you’ll find the required passphrase for the form) and submit your idea through the Pitch Submission Form below.

Happy writing!

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