Review: Hoodlum Fang

I finally decided it was about damn time I treated myself to some new, glamourous pole wear from Hoodlum Fang.

I think the last time I’d bought myself any new pole wear was my Wonder Woman Polehog set following having my wisdom teeth out a year and a half ago.

I’m not really one for buying mountains of exercise wear on the regular, but as I ramped up my exercise regime, only having two pole sets I liked to wear on the regular was getting inconvenient.

However, since Hoodlum Fang released their Dinosaurs print, I’ve been in love.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with animals, and in particular, with reptiles, so when I showed my partner this gloriously colourful print covered with dinosaurs big and small, he knew better than to talk me out of buying it.

Plus I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, so I was determined.

The Top

Emma is wearing a Hoodlum Fang lattice plunge crop top in a dinosaurs and flowers fabric. The back has straps that cross between the shoulders. The neck of the crop top is deep, and there are straps of fabric between the two sides of the crop top.

The top is the Lattice Plunge Crop Top in Large.

One thing I always struggle with is finding pole tops that don’t require a sports bra underneath. I’m a size 38D, and I find the standard racerback style crop tops don’t tend to hold me in that well without additional support.

While I don’t really have a problem with having to wear a sports bra, sometimes it’s pretty damn nice not to have to wrestle out of a sweaty compression bra at the end of a long workout.

Plus sports bras (the good ones, anyway) are about the same price as a good pole crop top, so before you know it, your tits are eating into your pole budget with no remorse.

I specifically chose the Lattice Plunge Crop Top over the other cuts because it looked like it’d be more supportive for bigger boobs.

The fabric in the cleavage area feels like it both pulls the straps of the crop top inwards, giving it better holding power, and it helps straps everything down, rather than letting everything hang freely and at risk of making an unwanted appearance.

The strappy back also helps to pull everything in while not being constrictive.

The Shorts

Emma is wearing Hoodlum Fang's high waisted cheeky shorts in a dinosaurs and flowers fabric.

The shorts are the High Waisted Cheeky Shorts in Large.

High waisted pole shorts are life for my fat ass, so this choice was really a no-brainer for me. I find low-rise shorts don’t always give me the coverage and security I need to avoid a plumber’s crack peeking out during class.

Hoodlum Fang have three different cuts you can order with a high waist, but I personally find cheeky cuts more comfortable to wear for training. I love the aesthetic of thong shorts, but during class, my ass would eat them up with all the speed of me at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I’ve had High Waisted shorts that, due to the cut, have cut into the tops of my thighs because the leg-holes aren’t big enough to contain my curvy glory. But not these High Waisted shorts.

These shorts fit super comfortably on my thighs, regardless of what I’m doing. They don’t rub when I walk or cut into my legs when I sit down, which is always a win!

They also sit perfectly on my waist. They’re not constrictive and actually feel like wearing your most comfortable pair of pyjama shorts, because you don’t always notice they’re there.

Despite this, the waistband is perfectly secure, and they’re the only pair of High Waisted pole shorts I’ve ever worn that don’t roll down when you sit, bounce around, or otherwise just move in them – which is pretty damn awesome. Of course, if you need to roll them down to expose more of your belly/sides for grip, they’re perfectly comfortable that way too.

So not only are these shorts a magical fit, they make my butt look AWESOME, which I’m sure you’ll agree is always a perk of great pole wear.

As I mentioned before, my ass does have the tendency to eat up ill-fitting shorts when I move, which can be annoying as hell in pole class. I don’t want to spend an entire hour plucking out wedgies when I could be bossing it on the pole.

These shorts did not budge at all for the entire class. Even when my instructor did some fancy wavy-legs floorwork as part of the warmup, I stayed completely covered, both on the butt and in the crotch area. So if you’re worried about your flaps making a surprise cameo in the middle of your floor work, don’t worry – Hoodlum Fang has you covered.

Knee Pads

A pair of knee pads with a smoke fabric on one side, and leatherette grippy fabric on the other.

These are the Smoke fabric Knee Pads in Extra Large.

I bought knee pads from Hoodlum Fang nearly a year ago, and these bad boys see regular use whenever I practice my floorwork or do particularly evil quad stretches (Couch stretch can go straight to hell, tbh).

When I bought these, I was looking everywhere for knee pads that would fit my chunky sausage knees, but so many brands didn’t – and still don’t – go above a UK size 10/12. Hoodlum Fang’s knee pads are slightly more expensive than others on the market, but they’re 100% worth every penny.

The knee pads are made from the same material as Hoodlum Fang’s activewear, so you can throw them in the same wash with no problem. The back also features a grippy lycra leatherette to help you on the pole.

But, the best thing for me has to be that the pads themselves are removable, which makes washing them super easy – and if the pads ever get too compressed, I can just buy new inserts instead of having to buy them all over again.


Hoodlum Fang’s standard pole wear is double-layered, with the inner layer being made from 100% polyester swimwear material and the printed layer being 100% super-stretchy 220gsm polyester.

I personally love my pole wear being thicker, as I feel a lot more secure; plus with single-layer pole wear I’ve always found my underwear decides to peek through any available hole during class!

Hoodlum Fang has also carefully designed the location of the seams between the two layers and the placement of labels to ensure that you don’t have scratchy labels irritating your skin on the inner layer, but also the pole wear is completely reversible with no impairment to how secure or functional it is.

The shorts also feature swimwear-strength elastic in the leg openings to ensure your pole wear stays in place.


I chuck my Hoodlum Fang wear in with the rest of my exercise gear on a 30 degrees handwash cycle with washing powder only, and then leave it to hang dry. Which is awesome if, like me, you hate doing laundry and only do it when it’s absolutely necessary.


Hoodlum Fang has sizing charts on each and every one of their products, in both cm and in, to ensure you get the best fit out of your pole wear.

Their ‘off-the-rail’ sizes cater for sizes between 4-24, all of which are labelled realistically. For instance, I’m a size 16/18, and I buy a size Large in Hoodlum Fang, which works out perfectly for me.

However, as every piece is handmade, they also offer to custom-make pieces to your measurements at no extra cost, which means Hoodlum Fang caters to bodies of every size and shape.


On top of all this awesomeness, Hoodlum Fang offer the following customisation options to make your pole wear your own:

  • Custom designed fabrics
  • A choice of different coloured inner fabrics
  • Pole wear customised for your studio
  • Custom sizing

Additional Uses

Emma is wearing Hoodlum Fang's lattice plunge crop top and high waisted cheeky shorts in dinosaurs and flowers fabric. She is laughing and has her hands on her hips.

As Hoodlum Fang uses swimwear-quality lycra, swimwear elastic, and their prints are done on chlorine-proof lycra, all of Hoodlum Fang’s printed pole wear is completely safe to be used at the spa or pool.

To test this out, I wore my Hoodlum Fang set on my most recent spa day!

While I don’t have any pictures for you – I purposefully left my phone in my locker so I could get a few hours of screen-free relaxation – you can be assured that the pole wear can be worn as swimwear with no issues whatsoever.

Even in the Jacuzzi, where the placement of jets can easily make wearing any two-piece a gamble on showing more of your boobs or crotch than you might like, my pole wear didn’t budge.

It did, however, let air bubbles get trapped in my shorts, which I always find funny to prod and squish. It probably wasn’t as fun for the people who were in the Jacuzzi with me who thought I was farting, not being an absolute child and deflating my balloon pants.

You also don’t need to worry about oils getting into your Hoodlum Fang pole wear if you have a massage or moisturising treatment, as even though my pole wear was sat over massage oil for an hour and a half following my treatment, it washed out in a single cycle.

About Hoodlum Fang

Hoodlum Fang was born after Chlo Hood, the founder, struggled to find fitness wear that was functional, flattering, and came in bright prints and colours. After spending too much money on sports gear that would end up at the bottom of the wardrobe after a single wear, Chlo set out to make their own products that would fit them perfectly.

5 years on, Hoodlum Fang proudly serves the pole dance community with an awesome range of funky badass prints to suit every body. Aside from the wide range of pole top and short styles available, they’ll happily make anything in their range to custom measurements for those dancers who aren’t served by standard sizing. Hoodlum Fang stands for quality, fun, and badassery.

You can find Hoodlum Fang over on Facebook and Instagram – and make sure you give Chlo Hood’s IG a follow too!

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