The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Pole Dancers

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Frantically rushing around to find the perfect gift for the pole dancer in your life?

Whether you’re a pole dancer yourself and you’re looking for something to get your best pole friend, or you’re looking for something practical to get someone who loves pole, you’re in the right place!

Hell, maybe you want to treat yourself to something for Christmas – and you totally should!

I’ve scoured the internet and found the best gifts for pole dancers this holiday season. I’ve grouped them by what they are, and ordered them by price, too – so it’s super easy for you to find a gift you know they’ll love.

Everything in this list is tried and tested by me and the pole dance community, so even if you’re not familiar with what we do, you can be reassured you’re getting them a gift that will enhance their pole game.

Let’s get to it!

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Eco-friendly, Zero Waste, and Ethical

With the world talking about the climate emergency, reducing waste, and living a more ethical lifestyle, you can help do your bit by choosing products that are upcycled, sourced ethically, or that you’ve made yourself.

Get Crafty with LoveCrafts!*

A pair of crocheted leg warmers in black and white yarn, where the white has been crocheted to look like skulls

If you’re crafty, you could make some legwarmers, yoga socks, or even a cozy cardigan to keep your favourite pole dancer warm through the colder months.

These Betelegeuse Creepy Skull Legwarmers are on my crochet list for next year, but there are loads of other patterns for knitters, crocheters, and sewers on the link above, so you can find a pattern, yarn, and colourway you know they’ll love.

Chilly’s Water Bottle

A selection of metal water bottles in a variety of different colours and sizes

We’re all trying to use less plastic in our lives, and the bottles from Chilly’s can help you kick the habit of grabbing a cold bottle of water from the supermarket before every pole class.

These bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and the larger 750ml bottles are the perfect size to see you through a pole class (or two!)

Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat

A black yoga mat laying flat

The yoga mats from Yogi Bare are all made from natural rubber and eco-friendly PU, bonded by heat to avoid the need for glue. These mats are fully biodegradable when they reach the end of their life, but Yogi Bare products are all made to last, and are some of the best quality mats on the market!

Plus, proceeds from the sale of each Lunar Paws mat go to Sea Shephard, an international non-profit for marine wildlife conservation, so you’re directly helping the oceans too!

Yogi Bare also do eco-friendly yoga accessories, so if you’re a pole dancer who loves yoga or flexibility work and is passionate about the environment, you’ll love this brand!

Rareform Weekender Duffle

A purple and orange duffle bag made out of upcycled billboard material

Rareform repurposes billboard posters – which can’t be recycled, so would end up in landfill at the end of the promotional cycle – into tons of different bags and accessories.

The weekender duffle would make an amazing pole or gym bag, as it has plenty of space for everything you might need in a normal class.

Training Aids

Training aids always make great gifts for any pole dancer – whether they need a top-up of grip, or you want to help supply them with the tools they need to up their stretching game.

Pole Grip

A bottle of Dry Hands pole grip

If you know which pole grip your favourite pole dancer uses, they’ll never say no to a top-up.

Everyone’s skin chemistry is different, though – so if you’re not sure what grip they use, it’s best to get your detective hat on to make sure you don’t get the wrong one!

Yoga Block

A stack of five yoga blocks in different colours

Yoga blocks are extremely versatile, and will always have a place in any pole dancers’ equipment stash.

Personally, I would never stretch without them, as they give me the stability I need when I’m working on my front splits.

Resistance Band

A purple resistance band

Resistance bands are also a super versatile piece of equipment, as they can be used for pull-up training, to increase the intensity of our bodyweight workouts, or aid in our flexibility training.

I have one very similar to this to help me deepen my hamstring stretches, and it’s been invaluable in helping me work on my splits!

A Huge Water Bottle

A large 2.2 litre water bottle with a colourful wrap

If you know a pole dancer who wants to start training weights but isn’t sure where to start, this huge 2.2L water bottle could be the perfect solution.

When filled with water, this bottle makes for a fantastic starter weight for cross-training – so you can help your giftee figure out whether they like weight training without investing in pricey dumbbells or kettlebells.

Ankle Weights

A pair of blue and grey ankle weights

I frequently use ankle weights in my flexibility and bodyweight training, and they’re a fantastic way to help build both strength and flexibility.

These are a bit pricier than others on the market, but I have a similar style of weights to these, and the velcro strip (rather than the straps other models have) means they’re not as much of a pain to use during training.

An X-Pole*

An X-Pole Sport being used by a woman in a chair spin position

If your favourite pole dancer keeps saying they’ll sort their pole room ~one day~, why not treat them to an X-Pole this Christmas?

X-Poles are widely considered the best poles on the market, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every poler’s needs.

Pole Dance Crash Mat

A crash mat folded up, so it looks like a stack of four triangle-shaped mats

LupitPole’s crash mats are expensive, but they’re the best crash mats on the market for pole dancers. The base model is 8cm thick, which is perfect for beginner polers, but they also sell a 12cm version for intermediate and advanced polers.

You can’t put a price on safety, so investing in a good crash mat is crucial!

Pole Wear

There’s nothing more motivating than a beautiful new piece of pole wear, or awesome fitness gear they can wear during flexibility or other cross-training sessions.


A dark blue crop top and a dark blue pair of high waisted shorts being modelled on a dummy

Polehog’s lycra pole wear is durable, light, and the shorts come in tons of different cuts to suit every body.

Whether they’re after a block colour pole set or they want to wear their personality through the wide variety of printed fabrics, there’s plenty to pick from!

Polehog also make leggings and back warmers to help your loved one stay cozy in the studio through the colder months.

Hoodlum Fang

A picture of me wearing the lattice plunge crop top and high waisted cheeky shorts from Hoodlum Fang in the dinosaur print, laughing

I make no secret of the fact that Hoodlum Fang is my favourite pole wear brand – and for good reason.

Their functional and funky pole wear comes in a range of cuts and fabrics, ensuring that there’s something for every poler.

Plus, their printed fabrics can double as swimwear!

Alongside awesome pole wear, Hoodlum Fang do leggings, back warmers, platform shoe protectors, garter leg straps, and knee pads – so no matter your budget, Hoodlum Fang has something your favourite poler will love!


A woman wearing a muscle tee in red that says "prove them wrong"

Grrrl is a fitness brand by women, for women, and it’s my go-to brand for fitness wear. Instead of using conventional sizing, each size is named after one of their many brand athletes – all of whom are at the top of their respective fields.

They stock sports bras, leggings, shorts, hoodies, but my absolute favourite is their workout tops!

Even better, Grrrl donates 10% of their profits to improve the lives of women and girls across the world, refuses to market on body weight or insecurities, and is a feminist brand through-and-through.

Shoes and Boots

Platform heels are an awesome way to up any pole dancer’s training – and they look cute to boot! Whether you know someone who dances in them regularly and want to help them expand their collection, or your loved one has been saying they want to train in heels someday, platform heels are a fantastic gift idea.

Platform Panties*

Platform heels with a fabric tube that fits around the platform and over the toe

These make a great stocking filler for the pole dancer who pretty much lives in their platform heels! These handy little socks prevent the platforms on our heels from getting scratched up with constant practice, plus they look super snazzy.

Pleasers (6 inch)*

These Pleaser shoes are perfect for the beginner pole dancer who wants to experiment in and enhance their practice with platform heels. This particular style comes in a range of glittery colours and is a great way to inject a little sass into anyone’s pole practice!

Personalised Pleaser Shoes from Shoegasm Designs*

A pair of platform heels with clear straps, white soles, and a dark blue platform, with "sally" written in cursive handwriting in silver glitter paint

If regular heels aren’t cutting it, why not treat yourself to some custom-designed Pleaser shoes?

And, you’re not limited to having your name on the platform, either – if you’ve got an idea, get in touch with Shoegasm to design your perfect heels!

Club Hella Heels Featherboa (7 inch)

A pair of platform knee-high boots in a neon pink snake print

These knee-high 7 inch boots from Club Hella Heels will make you stand out from the crowd at the club, showcase, or competition final!

Club Hella Heels is a relatively new brand, and they’ve already gone bold with their Neon Jungle range – however, if neon isn’t your thing, check out their Night Jungle range! Heel-less Boots

A pair of platform heels without the heels in an emerald green snake print

Perhaps the most luxurious pole boot on the market, each pair of heel-less boots are handmade to order.

As beautiful as they are, these boots aren’t for the beginner – they’ve been specifically designed so you HAVE to keep your weight through the balls of your feet.


If you or your family is actively trying to reduce their waste this Christmas and buy fewer physical things, experiences are an awesome alternative gift.


A picture of me being helped into an invert at a workshop

With so many awesome pole dancers to learn from across the industry, why not treat your favourite pole dancer to the gift of learning from their idol?

Workshops will vary in price depending on the instructor, location, and length, so it’s worth checking out for yourself what’s going on near you.

1-2-1 Lessons

An older woman and a young girl doing pushups together

Private lessons can be a huge boon in any pole dancer’s training regime, so buying your loved one a session (or three!) with their instructor can really help them work towards their goals.

Sports Massage

A woman getting a massage

Regular massages are not only relaxing, but they’re a key part of muscle recovery when you train regularly. If you’ve never had one, or you know a pole dancer who keeps saying they need to book in a massage, a sports massage is a great – and practical! – gift.

Spa Day/Break

A beautiful swimming pool surrounded by loungers

I love a good spa day – who doesn’t? Give yourself the gift of relaxation for Christmas with a day (or weekend) away at a beautiful spa. The heat of saunas, steam rooms, and hydrotherapy pools can help to rehabilitate tired muscles, and you can treat yourself to a massage to ease up those knotted muscles too!

Online Pole Lessons

Give the gift of home poling with these awesome online courses. If you know a home poler, these options are great to help them expand their training and learn new styles.

Cleo’s Rock n Pole

Cleo’s Rock n Pole is one of the best-known online poling platforms. Reviewers have raved on about the floorwork classes, as well as access to Cleo’s Rockin’ Legs and Abs, which is one of the toughest – and most effective – strength and flexibility programs for pole dancers. New videos are uploaded every week, so there’s always something new to try!


This course is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive for pole moves, and features a wide variety of instructors from all over the world. 123Poling focuses more on strength and technical learning, and each video features spotting tips to ensure everybody stays safe. In addition to their monthly subscriptions, they also do one-off payments for some of their series, which grants lifetime access to awesome content like their Low Flow, Liquid Motion, and Handstand courses.

Pole Power Academy

PPA divides its lessons from Beginner – Advanced, and focuses more on strength and combos than choreography. With the advanced membership, you get access to all of the pre-recorded courses as well as live lessons, flexibility courses, conditioning sections, and access to the PPA community.

Studio Veena

Studio Veena’s videos are structured more like lessons, which makes them perfect for the pole dancer who wants to learn fully at home, or wants to supplement what they’ve learned at home. Unlike other programs, Studio Veena offers a lifetime membership instead of a monthly subscription.

Open Dance Academy

Open Dance Academy features some of the biggest names in pole dance, including Sarah Scott, Maddie Sparkle, and Jamilla Deville. It’s also a lifetime access type platform, which makes it a great Christmas gift, as you can pick the course that’ll best suit your loved one! Plus, they offer a specific course tailored towards men who pole dance, which I’ve never come across on any other online pole dance platform.


For the pole dancing bookworm! Reading around the subject of fitness and pole dance can be an awesome way to learn new skills, increase their understanding of the theory behind what they do, and motivate them to reach new heights in their training.

Big Fit Girl by Louise Green

The cover of Big Fit Girl by Louise Green, Louise is facing the camera and carrying a weight on her shoulder

As a fat girl, I’ve never felt welcome in fitness. Pole dance is the only form of exercise that I’ve ever found accepts my body, and even then, I still don’t always feel included.

This book helped me come to terms with the idea that I could exercise without weight loss and I could find joy in movement that didn’t require I changed anything about me. It really inspired me to up my pole game and fight for my space within the pole world – and was definitely one of the inspirations behind Sass and Clacks!

Strength and Conditioning for Pole by Neola Wilby

The cover of Strength and Conditioning for Pole by Neola Wilby. Neola is sat against the pole, facing away from the camera.

Neo, also known as The Pole PT, recently released this awesome book that, honestly, should be an essential read for any pole dancer, instructor, or studio owner.

This book is packed with both theory and practical knowledge for pole dancers, all sourced from collective decades of knowledge and academic study. If you love pole, or know someone who does, this book is THE gift for pole dancers for Christmas.


It can be difficult to find a great Secret Santa present for pole dancers, so I’ve found these beautiful gifts that’ll make any pole dancer smile.

Pole Dancer Wrapping Paper*

Wrapping paper with illustrations of curvy pole dancers in varying skin tones and positions

Check out this beautiful wrapping paper from Hester Durkan! This wrapping paper will add some festive pole cheer to any gift.

Pole Dancer Cookie Cutter*

A cookie cutter of a femme pole dancer doing a pole sit

This 3D printed cookie cutter is a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift idea for pole dancers! I think this would be great to use on studio open days, for pole parties, and to make delicious gifts for other pole dancers. If you want bigger cookies (and who doesn’t?) it comes in bigger sizes!

Pole Dancing Gingerbread Decoration*

An embroidered gingerbread cookie in an inverted chopper position on a pole

This cute lil’ dancer is perfect for your Christmas tree! You could find them a home amongst your studio’s festive decorations, gift them to the office pole dancer, or get it for your home to incorporate your love of the aerial arts into the holiday season.

Anenome Of State Print*

A "reverse mermaid" (a pink and white axolotl to the waist, with human legs) in a bow and arrow inverted position on the pole

This is my favourite print in Eldrich Rach’s Reverse Mermaid collection – I admit because I think Axolotls are adorable! If you’re looking for some art that’s a bit different for your studio, pole room, or dressing room locker, check out this Etsy store, because I don’t think the seller will be doing these prints for much longer.

Pole Dancing Sloth Shower Curtain*

A sloth on a pole, with a neon background and dollar bills behind them

This pole dancing sloth (who’s clearly raking in the tips!) is a fantastic gift for pole dancers who want to inject a bit of fun into their bathroom. I know that shower curtains are a bit of a weird gift to talk about, but the design of this one is too good to ignore!

Polerized Pins

Polerized pins specialise in…well, pins for pole dancers! These beautiful enamel pins are great accessories for sporting your love of pole dance in a subtle (but glittery!) way.


Everyone loves getting some nice smellies at Christmas, and for pole dancers, great skincare products have an extra bonus in helping our grip on the pole!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

A bottle of Aveeno daily moisturising lotion

It’s not the most glamourous gift in the world, but it’s certainly practical! Aveeno is one of the most highly-rated moisturisers in the pole world because it’s light, gentle, and does the trick pretty damn well. It’s not greasy and sinks in pretty quick, so even when I put it on before bed, it doesn’t end up all over the sheets, which is a win!

Aveeno also do a hand cream too, which is a lifesaver if you get really dry, cracked hands over winter.

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

A Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar

This little bar is one of my favourites in my skincare routine. Using aduki beans for some natural massaging power, cinnamon leaf oil to gently provide warmth, and with a base of fair trade, organic cocoa butter, you don’t get much more natural than this. It’s designed to melt at skin temperature, though, so if you’re gifting it, it might be worth getting the metal tin from Lush to make sure it doesn’t make a mess!

Scrubee Body Butter/Scrub

A body scrub that looks like a bee, where the bee's stripes contain the scrub, and the rest is a moisturiser

This adorable friend will keep your skin super soft with a base of cocoa and shea butters and the gentle exfoliation of ground coconut shells and almond. It also smells like white chocolate and honey, which makes it a staple in this house! It’s designed to be used in the shower, but because it melts at body temperature, it’s better kept elsewhere in the bathroom so you get maximum usage from this helpful little bee.

O’Keefe’s Skincare Gift Set

A skin care gift set that contains a hand cream, foot cream, and lip balm

This gift set looks a bit more put together for Secret Santa or stocking stuffing, and has three awesome products from O’Keefes for every pole dancer’s skincare regime.

Working Hands does work wonders if you suffer with dry, cracked skin in winter, and Healthy Feet will help keep your tootsies in tip-top condition. Plus, it never hurts to have an extra lip balm too!

Rest and Recovery

Training is only one side of the pole dancing coin – it’s important to rest and recover too.

Arnica Gel

A tube of arnicare arnica cream

If your favourite pole dancer bruises like a peach, Arnica gel can help reduce the pain and appearance of bruises. It’s a perfect stocking filler for the pole dancer who knows exactly what they’ve been working on based on where the bruises are!

Foam Roller

A pink, ridged foam roller

When you’re training regularly, it’s important to make sure you’re resting and helping your muscles to recover. A foam roller, and in particular a trigger-point foam roller like this one, will help massage deep into your muscles to release any knots or tension that have built up from regular training.

Warmies Microwaveable Plushie

A blue dragon plushie toy

I love having one of these microwaveable plushies during the winter, because they’re a LIFESAVER when you’re dealing with DOMS. The heat from these little friends can help soothe sore muscles, and they tend to have lavender sewn in, so you get a lovely relaxing scent too. I find they’re far more convenient than a hot water bottle, and they’re way cuter too!

Salt Spa Co Epsom Salts Bedtime Blend

A bag of Salt Spa Co's Epsom Salt Bedtime Blend - 5kg

Epsom salts are an absolute MUST for any pole dancer’s recovery routine, and after experimenting with different ones, this one from Salt Spa Co has to be my favourite. The salts are infused with a blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils; the smell isn’t overwhelming but it’s plenty to help you relax and wind down. Plus, the magnesium from the salts will help your muscles recover and relax.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get your favourite pole dancer this Christmas, why not get them a gift card for one of their favourite pole stores?

I’ll be updating this list as brands bring out new things on the run-up to Christmas, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates!

Is there anything you want to add? Anything you’re excited about? Get in touch!

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