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Hey, and thanks for your interest in working with me!

I’m Emma, a freelance writer and blogger based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

I’ve been pole dancing for over two years, and writing about it for one.

I also have over three years of experience with content writing, and I’ve been published by Games Workshop and Australian Pole Dancers Magazine.

If you’re looking for a way to connect your brand with pole dancers and body-positive fitness geeks around the world, you’ve come to the right place.

Topics I Cover

  • Pole dance
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Body Positivity
  • Feminism
  • Anti-diet culture
  • Mental Health

What I Don’t Do

  • Weight loss, dieting, and detoxing in any form
  • Publish pre-written content
  • Free advertising
  • Brand collaborations without payment
  • Brand collaborations with MLMs, direct selling, or network marketing companies

I don’t collaborate with brands that promote weight loss, dieting, or detoxing in any way – regardless of if it is the main focus of your business or not. This is non-negotiable.

Media Kit

If you require further information, such as my rates or turnaround times, feel free to contact me.


Gifted Products, Services and Experiences

Please read my Gifting Policy, which can be found HERE, before gifting me a product, service or experience. Please note I have a strict no weight loss, no MLMS, and no furs/skins policy.

I only feature products that I would personally choose for myself, and that I believe are helpful, valuable or otherwise a good fit for my readers. If I choose to feature products, they will always be disclosed as gifted at the start of any blog post or social media post I write about them.

Any links to Gifts, should I feature them on my blog, will be no-follow links as per Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Gifts will also be disclosed at the start of any blog post and/or social media post.

Please note that just because you have sent me a Gift, it does not guarantee that it will be featured on this blog or my social media channels.

If you’re after guaranteed exposure for your product, service or experience on my blog, this is chargeable – however, my prices are negotiable, and in some cases, I’m happy to accept a Gift in return for a review. This will not be applicable in every case, so please get in touch with me at sassandclacks[at]


I am based in Nottinghamshire, UK. I’m able to travel throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire for events, depending on distance, dates, and times.

I love being invited to blogger outreach events, press evenings, opening nights, and any and all kinds of fun events in the East Midlands, so if you’d like to see me there, please get in touch!

In some instances, I may be available to travel outside of the East Midlands if you have an event you think I’d be interested in.

Sponsored Posts

I’m happy to accept sponsored posts provided that your brand, product, or service is of value to my audience.

For the purposes of this blog, a Sponsored Post is a collaboration between myself and your brand, where I talk about your brand, products and/or services in the context of a topic that I can fully write about myself.

I decide whether to accept sponsorship based on whether your brand, product, service or experience is a good fit for myself and my readers, so please provide me with relevant links in order for me to thoroughly consider your offer.

I will disclose at the start of every Sponsored Post if my content has been paid for, and who has paid for it – this is a legal requirement.

All links in Sponsored Posts, or in any other content that has been paid for, will be no-follow as per Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Please note that I do not accept pre-written content.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a post on Sass and Clacks, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss rates, turnaround, and what kind of content you’re looking for, please email me at sassandclacks[at]

Guest Posts

I’m happy to accept guest posts from any party interested in writing about the topics outlined above. To see my full Guest Posting policy, including what links you may include, click HERE.

Sass and Clacks cannot pay for guests posts, so anything that is written for this blog is done on a voluntary basis. Posts cannot take the form of product reviews, sales pitches, or done entirely for the purpose of affiliate marketing. Any links featured in a guest post will be do-follow.


IMAGE USE: All images sourced from @quartzofrose and @sassandclacks on Instagram are the property of Dragon Scribe Studios (which owns Sass and Clacks). You may only use these images with my consent, linked credit to Sass and Clacks AND links to the Instagram account from which the image was sourced. Stock images have been sourced royalty-free from Pixabay and Unsplash.

CONTENT: All written content, unless directly quoted and/or attributed to another party, is the property of Dragon Scribe Studios (which owns Sass and Clacks). You may directly quote my written content provided you directly link to the blog post or page from which the content is taken from with a do-follow link.

THIRD-PARTY CONTENT: I am not responsible for the content of comments left on my blog. I welcome discussion (I want to know if you think I’m wrong!) but I reserve all right to remove comments if they are hurtful, inflammatory, or inappropriate.

Sass and Clacks is managed and owned by Dragon Scribe Studios.

Dragon Scribe Studios is the Trading Name under which the Author, Emma Ayres, operates. For more information on Dragon Scribe Studios, click HERE.

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